Techenture Hits the News Stands Again

Phnom Penh Post interviews Ms. Duong Hemalis, General Manager of Techenture Consulting Co Ltd to discuss raising security issues in the banking industry. She was selected to provide feedback to the article on the banking sector with her years of industry expertise and technical knowledge working as solution consultant and raising to handling the role of the General Manager

“Hemalis Duong, general manager of Techenture Consulting, a systems provider for many local banks, explained that while local banks have primarily focused on combating cyber threats like online scams, hacking, and phishing attacks by putting in secure servers and firewall protection, internal banking security is something that is often overlooked”

According to the ideas of Ms. Duong Hemalis, the banks would need to really look in to the threats coming from inside as well as outside. Many of the banks provide internal WIFI access without any such security and it will not be difficult for a attacker just to come in as a client and use the own free WIFI and execute a DOS attack or even do packet sniffing easily.

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