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By | August 21, 2014

A Proven Technology Practice

At Techenture, our people constantly challenge themselves and increase their skills through our rigorous training programs, Microsoft certifications and other disciplines. By delivering hundreds of projects in Cambodia and various other countries, we have gained deep insight and expertise into how technologies can be aligned to help customers realize business goals. Our technology experts and consultants weigh in on current trends, new and emerging business drivers and how those drivers are meeting those market challenges.

In today’s world technology budgets are no longer solely controlled by IT. However, that doesn’t mean the CIO and IT department will become obsolete – rather, they have the opportunity to become strategic advisers and help the companies meet new business needs. In an increasingly digital world departments outside of IT are taking technology spending and decision-making into their own hands. But IT is still being held accountable for the impact these technologies make on a company’s operations.

At Techenture we believe that the key results can be realized once a proper alignment is achieved between the IT and the business users so the IT can bring in the new innovation together with Techenture to realize business results and goals. Techenture have implemented real life test labs, Research and development methodologies for our consultants to be on the edge of new technologies. With the demand for new technology trends increasing the technology principles are working hard to deliver to the demand. We at Techenture are making sure that we are ready to deliver however and whenever to our client demands.

Our R&D Approach


The evolving IT

Unlike other industries ICT has the fastest overall change rate of 2-3 years, this making it one of the most adaptive and demanding platforms to work on. With rigorous industry changes shifting budget control its very important for service providers to be ready with the new technologies to help customers to move forward. The Techenture way is to position our client in the center of everything we do and consults with departments across the business to better understand its technology needs and objectives and source from our local and global expertise to meet the demands.


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